Home Alarm Systems – How to Choose?

459838_35454449It’s quite possible that there’s a whole lot more to home alarm systems than you realize. There are security alarm systems that include electronic door locks, window sensors, water sensors, garage door sensors, video surveillance, security lighting, motion sensors…the list goes on. But with all the home security products you can purchase, you can hook them up to your home alarm system so that when something happens that you may want to know about, the alarm system is activated. With the help of a professional company that puts together and monitors home alarm systems, your home security can be top of the line in quality and functionality.

That said, how do you choose between home alarm systems? What companies do you want to purchase from, or should you DIY home security? Should you work with a monitoring service or not? With many local and national home security companies available to you, you have your pick of options. Here are a few suggestions:

National home security companies such as FrontPoint, ADT, Protection 1, and Vivint are national companies for a reason. They didn’t become so large without having trained and skilled professionals working on their teams, nor did they become successful without providing quality service and home security products that actually work. So if you choose to work with one of them, it’s likely that you’ll have good products and trained technicians to help you install them. That said, you may also have to deal with the less appealing side of large corporations – such as unresponsive customer service and a long term contract. Still, this is usually the best recommended course of action for purchasing home alarm systems because these organizations know what they’re doing, they’ll work with you, and they’ve got everything down to a T when it comes to responding to an emergency call.

Monitoring services just means, will you pay a company to monitor your system with you? With bills generally in the $30 to $50 range per month, some don’t feel this is worth it. And that monthly bill can be expensive for something that’s only of service for emergencies. But if you’re at work or out of town and you don’t receive an alert, and you can’t hear the alarm going off from where you are, then the only chance you really have for stopping an intruder is the chance that he’ll run away or that a neighbor might call the police for you – or call you to come shut off the alarm. Nonetheless, working with a team of professionals to monitor your home is highly recommended for adequately protecting your property. That way, when an alarm is tripped, the central monitoring station receives the alert and responds appropriately – first by calling you to see if it’s a false alarm, then by notifying the police or other authorities to check out the situation.

Save home and money concept 186331067Home security products in home alarm systems vary greatly in type, and they can get pretty costly. If you’re worried about costs, you may be able to save money by installing the products yourself. But if you’re not particularly adept at installation, home alarm systems should really be installed by trained technicians. And if you purchase from a company and ask them to come install, they’ll usually discount your home security devices and products so that you don’t have to pay as much for both products and services. You can also save money by not looking at home alarm systems at all, if that’s what you need to do – just be smart with your safety, install tough locks on all doors and windows, use light timers, have the post office hold the mail when you’re on vacation, and have someone check in from time to time at your house to make sure all is well. But if you can afford it, professional home security with a monitoring service is really the best way to protect your home these days.

Definitely compare home alarm systems to each other, as well as security companies. Each will have different features that you’ll probably like or dislike, but with research you’ll find the one that will work best for your home. It’s a good idea to start by discussing with friends and neighbors first to see what home alarm systems have been successful in your area. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission before talking directly to security companies if you want an objective outsider’s opinion. Call our professional experts at 866-565-4305 for more information on home alarm systems and home security products.