Home Security Camera Types and Features

827585_75890335The home security camera is a popular product to use for home security systems. Cameras make great home security products for several reasons – having extra eyes on your home, video evidence, and extra deterrence for criminals provides you with a leg up in protecting your home. But how do you know which kind to get? Here are a few bits about some of the common home security camera types available on the market today.

  • PIR home security camera: PIR (which stands for “passive infrared”) cameras use infrared energy detection to detect when human beings walk by. Because humans emit infrared energy, the change in energy wavelength from moving near a camera will be recognized by the camera. Key features: Great in night conditions or low light conditions, if not the best of all home security cameras in these conditions. They are also sturdy in all weather conditions.

Note: The PIR home security camera is probably the most common of all detection types. The following are not types of sensors but types of cameras.

  • Hidden home security camera: These are ideal if your intent is to hide the fact that there is a camera. Often they are disguised as clocks, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other common home and lawn devices. Key features: Hidden, but has some distinct disadvantages such as no infrared detection (which makes them poor detectors at night) and they are not weatherproof.
  • Pan tilt zoom home security camera: A major benefit of this camera type is that it can be moved up and down, right and left, and zoom, all remotely or through DVR recording. Key features: Zoom capability and remote power. They are expensive – usually $500 or more. Pan tilt zoom cameras can also be programmed to automatically tour specific parts of the house or yard at certain times of day.
  • Pro box home security camera: Pro box cameras are less common for home security (more common for banks or stores), but of course they can be used quite effectively. Key features: High quality video and good in night conditions. This camera can change from color video in the daytime to black and white during the night.
  • Dome home security camera: Lastly, dome security cameras come in a variety of forms, and they are increasingly common. The smoked dome camera provides additional protection because the darkened dome hides where the lens of the camera is pointing (without obstructing the quality of the image). Key features: High resolution, smoked dome, and protected lens. They are also less immediately recognizable as a camera, giving you an advantage in catching someone in the act of trying to enter your house. This feature is also a benefit for interior video surveillance, as it disguises the camera.

Romantic Senior Couple Hugging On Beach 160537986In addition, you’ll find other features available in each home security camera. You may find motion sensor detection to power the camera on when motion is detected. You’ll see cameras with HD viewing to make it extra clear when you’re looking on the monitor. Many can capture audio as well as visual, which presents an additional dynamic in recording. And you’ll find them in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, with varied lens resolutions and recording capabilities. Today’s world has tons of variety for you to consider for your home security camera.