Home Security Devices and What to Look For

Planificacion security systems 174481579Comparison shopping is a grueling process, especially if you’re looking at home security devices. The bewildering array of flood lights, motion sensor lights, video surveillance, wireless systems, electronic door locks, glass break sensors, alarm systems, and more can leave anyone with a migraine just looking at the list, let alone trying to sort through it. To save you just a little bit of trouble, here are some tips of things to look for in a few of the home security devices out on the market today.

Remote Access Control

Highly recommended for home security devices is the ability to access and control the system remotely. This is most useful if there’s a security breach when you’re not at home. By having the system send you an alert to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can take care of it from there by contacting the police to go check it out. Some burglars like to stake out and watch your home for a while to learn your habits, and so if they’ve picked up on the fact that you’re always at work by 10am, they’ll try to take advantage…but if you have the alarm system set and the home security devices ready for detection, they’ll be busted the minute you get the signal and can notify the authorities. And if the signal is from your water sensor that there’s a leak, you can ask a neighbor to go check it out and see how serious the situation is before you get home from work. Also, if you’re on vacation, being able to remotely access and control the security system is a huge relief because you can watch your video surveillance, view who has entered or exited your home while you are gone, etc. from wherever you are. So, definitely look for home security devices that enable remote access control.

Motion Sensors

motion-alarms-135448943Not every home security product has a motion sensor attached to it. But the importance of motion sensors is that they are HUGE energy savers as the home security devices are only powered on when motion has been detected. In this way they’re excellent home security products that make your system energy efficient and save you money, all while protecting your home from criminal activity by home invaders with sinister intentions.

Moderation in All Things

You’ve heard the phrase, “Moderation in all things.” Apply that phrase here as, “Moderation in all home security devices.” For starters, you probably can’t afford EVERYTHING you could possibly want for home security. And the truth is, you don’t need everything. Instead, you need a good balance of a few things to give your home a good security system. For example, when looking into security lighting, do not purchase just one or two floodlights and call it good. Instead, purchase several lights with low to moderate wattage – about 0.05 watts per square foot – and place them around your yard. If you gather a handful of lights with moderate power rather than rely on a few with extreme brightness, you will find that they prevent glares and shadows, allow you to retain night vision, and can balance each other out if one of them burns out (not to mention that you’ll probably save money on the wattage). Another related piece of advice is to remember that even as moderation in all things is probably more effective for home security products, it’s also better for you. If you’re trying to remember to activate 30 different home security devices every time you leave the house or go to sleep at night, it’ll become a huge stress for you. Remember as you compare home security systems and products that home security should be a way to improve your quality of life, not stress you out more.

While there are plenty more tips that could help you learn how to better comparison shop for home security devices, these should help you get started. And if you do the research before buying, you should be able to find the best home security system combination of devices for you and your home.